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Muthusamy has sourced the original master tracks of 600 films of Ilaiyaraaja’s compositions from audio companies in India, U.K., the U.S., and Canada. He also has original audio wrappers of all the films.

Now, he has begun working on Maestro’s tracks of the next batch of films, from 1982 onwards. “I want Ayya to take it to the public. I have listened to every single song of Ilaiyaraaja over 1000 times inch by inch while enhancing the channels. The music arrangement he brings to every composition is unmatched.”


    Dts Muthusamy

  • I would like to thank God , because god gave to us iliayaraja sir (music god) with muthusamy sir (DTS) again thank God. I am also living (hearing) by this time. Beautiful musician.beautiful workmanship.

  • Since 1976 , all the music compositions of Ilaiyaraaja in Tamil films played a very crucial role in the success of the films . Ilayaraaja produced pure and new tunes using real instruments .Hence this uniqueness took Indian Cinema to the Entire world . Some of his musical instruments are antique in nature. Skilled musicians who have a good knowledge of these instruments are very rare to find .They were simple instruments which created wonderful music in the hands of the ancient musicians. Ilaiyaraaja was only a simple village musician. But he was talented enough to rise to the position of an international musician .The concept of DTS recording is the need of the hour . It lays equal emphasis to both music as well as the song.All my effort in completing this recording if to preserve His music and songs . The next generation of music lovers will be able to recognize the superiority of his music only through DTS recording . Ilaiyaraajas Consent is much awaited in this aspect .

  • அருள் நம்பி

  • Life has gone monotonous now, but I am happy and forgetting the events around me because of this... yes... I got the songs pack from you and enjoy reliving still 'younger' life... Thank you Ayya...

  • Swaminathan Thiyagarajan

  • What Mr. Dts Muthusamy doing for the music lovers is a fabulous job... He is truly god given gift for all of us to hear the evergreen hits and movies in the DTS format... Our kids may not have this opportunity to buy these evergreen hits after our generation... Let us take this opportunity and create music wealth too for our kids...

  • Samsu Deen

  • Ayya, Vannakam. I have recd the 5 dts cd thro courier and enjoyed last few nights thro listening the ilayaraja music. A wonderful and marvellous work. Really amazing. After few years I have return to listen music heartfully.

  • Jeganathan Kandasamy

  • Ayya, Ungalathu dts collection cd's ithuvarai 20 kidaikka petren, Ella cd's m miga arumai, ELAYARAJA ayya avargal Ungalai parthu perumai paduvar. Ungalathu muyarchi melum melum valara vendum ayya.

  • Rajasekar VP

  • Dear Muthusamy Ayya, Today i have received your CD's of Isaignani Ilayaraja's songs.Its an oustanding effort cant be compared with anything.Quality and sound is amazing and keep continue the same to enchant devotees of Maestro Ilayaraja.

  • Manivannan Naveen

  • AyyaRecorded your Hi fi & Dts CDs thru corrier.. Really awesome work of you ayya.You are so great ayya. pls continue your work ayya. bs of you now a days we are so relaxing and free mind. spicealy payanagal mudivathilai and mouna ragam woow. i am waiting more cd for Thiru ilayaraja collections ayya.

  • Pradeepkumar Corera

  • Ayya, this collection is super, especially தங்கமகன் is awesome, thrilled to hear in Dts. "புத்தம் புது காலை...." in அலைகள் ஓய்வதில்லை is soothing...

  • Niroshkumar Corera

  • Dear Mr. Muthusamy, firstly, I would like to appreciate you for the tremendous work of remastering/renovating the Maestro's evergreen songs and making it available to ardent fans who want to listen to them in audiophile quality. I had the opportunity to listen to all your CDs.

  • Chandramouli Krithivasan

  • Dear Mr Muthusamy, Thanks a lot for sending the CDs through my friend. I am listening to the hifi verson songs for the last 2-3 days in my car stereo and completed listing 6 CDs(Vol 10 to Vol 15) so far. Great feeling listening the remastered songs and I could feel the difference.


  • Sir, I'm coming to india by the end of this month from Australia; like any other tamilian, I'm a fan of Ilayaraja sir too. I heard about your digitised version of evergreen songs of maestro

  • Senthil azhagan Chandrasekaran

  • For over five years, Muthusamy has been campaigning for awareness on DTS. He released a number of print advertisements, and even secured a license to build customised Analog DTS players.

  • Sanjay Venkataraman

  • Dear Sir,, I am a huge fan of Ilayaraaja Sir, and while trawling the web, found out that you have mastered Sir's songs in HD. First of all, my sincere thanks to you for preserving these songs in their original formats.

  • Gokul C

  • Dear Muthusamy sir, I had bought couple of illayaraja songs collection remastered by you. I tried to find if there are more collections available in stores recently and i am not able to find it. I am fan of illayaraja sir and i found the audio quality of your work is not achieved by other manufacturers such as Inreco or Oriental or Saregama. Thanks for doing such good work.

  • Tsis Tsis

  • Dear Sir I Am very proud to be a tamilean hearing such a beautiful re-composed Raaja Songs on dts I once again thank you very much.

  • Senthilkumar Balagurusamy

  • Ayya, Payanangal Mudivathillai songs were fabulous on DTS recording...

  • Saikumar Krishnamurthy

  • Its been a week since i bought the CD but only managed to listen few days back. First I would like to appreciate this great effort in reviving back the Ilayaraja collections... It feels like heaven listening to those songs again in Audiophile System... Its awesome.. I wish sooner the Initiative in bringing back the whole collection of Ilayaraja songs come true...

  • JSatish Kumar

  • Sir...again and again on behalf of all music lovers i thank you for giving excellent recording of Raja sir's songs...We wish and hope to get many more musical albums released from Honeybee studios...

  • Velan Bazin

  • அய்யா . உங்களது பணி. மகத்தானது. உண்மையில். தங்கள். cd என்னை மெய் சிலிர்ப்பூட்டியது. தினமும். அய்யா வின். பாடல்களை. கேட்டு. மகிழுந்து தங்களை. மிகவும் பாராட்டுகிறேன் . தங்கள். பணி. மேலும்சிறக்க வாழ்த்து .

  • Joyce Sampath

  • On behalf of all Ilaiyaraaja sir Music lovers I thank you to bring this type of DTS Cd's. We are lucky to have you in tamilnadu sir.

  • Senthil Kumar

  • What I Liked : Mesmerizing songs selection, Recording. What I Felt : After hearing the recordings, felt the real music, Where Illayaraja has really touched our soul with his music and Dts Muthusamy identified those things and brought out with HIFI quality, Hats off to Ilaiyaraaja Officiall and Aiyya. who is doing a great service to real music lovers!!!!. Thanks again.